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Paving The Way for Something Beautiful

Okay, so this is my story…. obviously. I have never had a STRONG desire to be a mother, but I’ve always known I wanted to be one. I don’t know how to explain it. Some women have a deep and... Continue Reading →

Thrive in The Desert

You want to know what I struggle with? I struggle with the in between of good and bad. We all do, I'm sure of it. But I can only speak from my own experiences. For example I could feel so... Continue Reading →

Where Your Treasure is…

We try to build a good foundation for our lives and our future. We hope to acquire assets to feel secure. As a result, I am beyond blessed; it's honestly scary how blessed I am. Everything I've ever wanted; God... Continue Reading →

A Simple Message

I was feeling a bit distraught and weighed down by life. Within the last couple of months I have been forced to see people’s true colors and some are more painful than others. I started to notice a LOT of... Continue Reading →

The Ground May Shake But You Will Still Stand

My circumstance isn’t making me doubt God. If anything, it makes me believe in His promises even more. I may be knocked down for a minute but if anything my trust, hope, & faith in God is even stronger. It’s funny, you’d think... Continue Reading →

A Letter To You

My dearest of dearest... You're my treasure You're my prized possession You are wanted You are loved You are My world You mean so much to me My love for you goes beyond words and flows into actions It was... Continue Reading →

Darkest of Nights

It is the darkest night I have encountered  I am falling deep I am falling deep into a lifeless pit I'm incapable of catching myself I try but my strength fails me The light is becoming more distant… Sinking… I’m... Continue Reading →

Time Stood Still

At times, time does stand still for me. In these moments, is when I reflect on my life. I re-evaluate my goals and my standards. I also reflect and try to see if there is anything I need to eliminate... Continue Reading →


Is conformity good or bad? For the longest time I believed that being comfortable was not a good place to be. I've had the belief that I constantly had to be challenging myself. I believed that if I performed a job... Continue Reading →

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